Emily worked with a local Iowa City family to provide the finishing touches for their striking, modern Scandinavian home, designed and built by Todd Hahn II and his team. The homeowners came to Emily seeking her interior design input on the furniture layout and selection of interior furnishings, area rugs, artwork, and accessories that would complement the home’s modern esthetic while providing a cozy, comfortable atmosphere, making it feel like home. Emily painted a pair of custom art pieces to serve as a focal point for their living room, incorporating lyrics to a song with special meaning for the couple. Later, the addition of a muted custom work of art above the dining room fireplace juxtaposed the bold, sweeping lines of the living room art, while the coordinating colors helped unite the two rooms within the open space plan.

Home Builder + Contractor: Todd Hahn II

Lighting: Todd Hahn II

Furniture + Accessories: Mix Home Mercantile

Custom Artwork: Emily Hughes

Interior Design Consultant: Emily Hughes

Emily Hughes Portfolio: Modern Scandinavian Kitchen
Emily Hughes Portfolio: Modern Scandinavian Table
Emily Hughes Portfolio: Modern Scandinavian Living Room