I feel like your house is the most unique place ever. It’s the place where we seek out security. We want to be comfortable. We want to be inspired and motivated. When you go into Mix Home Mercantile, you can literally get something that works for all of those things. 


Hello – My name is Leslie and I have purchased some amazing things at Mix Home Mercantile. We lived in North Liberty maybe a mile from the store. I said, “Trenton…” (to my husband). Can we just go to the store and look around?”.

We took the kids and it was awesome. It was a very friendly spot. They treated me like they’ve known me forever. I think that’s what really drew me to them. Going to the store is like … there is literally something for anybody. My style ebbs and flows. It changes. I like modern. I like vintage. I can find anything I want there.

The first thing I purchased was a faux concrete table. What I love about it is that it’s super easy to clean up after 2 kids and it looks awesome.

I have purchased our rug and our couch from Mix Home.

I have purchased an awesome tiger room for the kid’s playroom which is super fun.

We also have a bench in the basement.

They said, “When can we bring it to you?”. In my head, I was thinking “I’m going to call Trenton and I’m going to have him bring a truck because I want it right now.”  They said, “Nope, we’re going to bring it to you.” I live 40 minutes away now. It’s quite a drive but never once did they make me feel like they didn’t want to do it.

Anything I purchase, Emily and Scott know I purchased it. When I go to buy something else, they remember and have said, “Hey, this would look really good together.”

Emily and Scott are really easy to talk to. Their prices are reasonable. I never feel pressured. That’s one thing that I really love about Mix Home Mercantile.

– Leslie

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Following that meeting, we will be in touch with an interior design proposal that addresses your project scope and will request a deposit for design services to get your project started.

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